Ready to Take Your Engineering Career to The Next Level?

Hi, I'm Maximum, but you can call me Max. I help engineers like you radically expand their leadership capacity so they can have more time, more energy, more fun, and more impact. Let's make it happen for you.
For 7 years I worked as a mechanical engineer at fast paced consumer product development firms. I designed products for Autodesk, Nike, Disney, and other ambitious companies, and worked on cutting edge research with a lab at MIT.

5 years in, something clicked, and I finally got traction in pursuit of my dream to lead and inspire other engineers. I went from individual contributor to leading a team of 5 engineers in the span of a year. I wrote and sold a $1M+ contract to a Fortune 100 company, and then project managed the team of 12 engineers who made it happen.
And now I work with engineers and entrepreneurs like you, who are tired of feeling like the harder they work, the further behind they fall. Who want to level up their career, whether that means making the leap from individual contributor to lead engineer, or from feeling overwhelmed to having energy to spare.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You get to the end of the day and the CAD for the prototype you're working on isn't ready to 3D print, so you've lost another day.
  • Your code review is coming up and you still can't figure out where the bug that's breaking your program is, because you keep getting sidetracked with other "urgent" tasks.
  • You need to release a schematic but it's not finished because you can't decide which microcontroller to spec, the different options lead to different architectures, and you can't find time to dig into the documentation and perform a proper tradeoff analysis.
  • At the end of the day, you can't remember where the time went, but you have the sinking feeling that nothing meaningful got done.
  • You feel like you're working overtime with nothing to show for it.

Bottom line: You want to fall back in love with engineering
You want to sink your teeth into juicy technical problems AND get the promotion and raise you've been working towards AND get your energy and momentum back. I know it's possible, because I've done it. It might not happen exactly how you think it will, but it definitely can happen.
Because whether your favorite tool is SolidWorks, Java, Python, or Altium, ultimately as engineers what we crave is to triumph over worthy challenges and tricky problems. And it turns out that engineering a career you love is a worthy, and surmountable, challenge.

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I want you to get the feeling that comes from implementing an elegant solution once a week, not once a year!