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Hi, I'm Maximum, but you can call me Max. I help heart-centered entrepreneurs like you create consistent income in their businesses, so they have the time and energy to travel and relax with their families.
Let's make that happen for you.
I couldn’t make it in the corporate world. Working there was like wearing a pair of pants that didn’t fit quite right. There was a gnawing in my belly that I was meant for something different. There wasn’t enough heart. There wasn’t enough real connection, human scale connection. So I set out on my own, with a dream to put my gifts into action in a way that actually fit for me.
I had so much excitement and passion. And I was scared. But I was committed and I knew before long it’d all click into place. Well, “before long” dragged on for longer than I expected. I quit my engineering job 2 weeks before Washington state went into the first pandemic lockdown. The next 9 months were interesting and challenging for me, as I imagine they were for you.

Turns out that even with as much experience as I had in leading and guiding, and as much experience as I had on building business systems (having successfully launched a brick and mortar retail store and an engineering contracting firm), I was missing a few critical pieces that would bring me consistent clients and work.
I had a gift but I had no clue how to build a business around it!
When I was on the brink of giving up and putting back on those ill fitting corporate pants, I started working with my first real business coach. He helped me reconnect to what inspired me to start this business in the first place, and uncover the missing pieces that were preventing me from turning the corner. I went from having a few sporadic clients with no clear understanding of the timeline for our work, to consistently booking long term engagements with beautiful aligned, heart-centered clients who were ready to get in and make the changes necessary to have a bigger impact. Now my practice is full of people that I love serving every day. We make magic happen together.

I’d like to bring some of that magic to you.
I’m imagining you’re familiar with that feeling of success being “just around the corner.” You’re highly skilled at the technical side of things - whether that’s bodywork, interior design, or writing software that will improve the way people live and work. But your monthly income doesn’t reflect it. Your business is stuck and you’re afraid it will never get unstuck.
I can help you.
I can help you beat the overwhelm of being busy busy busy while not having enough clients. I can help you learn to delegate so you can focus on the parts of the business you actually love. And I can help you turn that proverbial corner and step into a lighter, more easeful way of life and business.
Let’s book a time for a call to help you start the “unstucking” process.
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