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Schedule Your Strategy Session Below

NOTE: To be eligible for a strategy session, it's important that you're motivated to make change now, and ready to invest financially to make that happen.


If you're not there yet, let's chat when you get further down the road.

Otherwise, here's what to do next:

schedule apply strategize.PNG

Step 1: Schedule a time for us to speak. Scroll down and use the calendar below. If you don't see a time that works for you, check back in 24 hours.

Step 2: Fill out the short application form. After you schedule, you'll get a link to a short set of questions to help us make the most of our time together. The application is required to hold your session.

Step 3: Attend your free strategy session. During the call, you'll get clear on exactly what it is that you want to change, what it's going to take to make those changes, and whether I'm the right person to help you do that.

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