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My dream is to meet you out in the meadow of our mutual genius, where we can create beautiful and impactful things to share with the world, while being compensated generously for our contributions.

In order to do this I have to be incredibly discerning, for the meadow of genius will not settle for anything less than our greatest gifts. If I am giving you anything less than my genius, I’m not serving you how you deserve to be served. For this reason I’m careful about who I take on as a client.

The Three Roses Test - how I choose who to work with:

Rose number one: are you receptive and ready? There’s at least one critical moment in the life of all great entrepreneurs, where they realize they need support and they need to see beyond what’s currently perceivable. Until you reach this moment, when you recognize that you can’t go any further alone, you’re probably not ready. I’m committed to providing only the most transformative experiences, so I’m careful to ensure that my clients respond well to my specific style and process, and are ready to move forward.

Rose number two: are you resourced?

This work is liberating, electrifying, and unleashes a creative energy unlike anything else I’ve seen. That said, you have to put time, energy, and resources into the work in order to reap the benefits. When we enter a powerful coaching relationship, we’re making a commitment to cocreating something amazing. And I’m careful to ensure that everyone I work with has the resources - time, energy, finances - to see it through to completion.

Rose number three: are you rad/radiant, and do you think I’m rad?

Look, we’re going to be spending a lot of time up close and personal in the next 6 months. If you don’t think I’m a breath of fresh air, and I don’t think you’re the best thing since sliced bread, why do ourselves the disservice of faking it? I've found the most successful engagements are ones where we're both delighted to spend time together.

So if you’re ready, you have the resources, and you're rad, let’s dive in!
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