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Garrett's Journey

Before starting this belief work with Max, I was experiencing a lot of dissatisfaction in my life because I wasn't taking action on goals I had around major aspects of my life, mostly around career. I had announced that I was leaving my previous job and I knew what I wanted to create. Nevertheless, I was wasting a lot of time I could have been using towards creating my business. I was wasting my time with distractions like social media, substances to disassociate, and porn. I wasn't even really that conscious of how much I was distracting myself. And I definitely wasn't aware of what was going on internally (the belief) that led to the behavior. 


Through doing this work, Max helped me to first identify the behaviors that were keeping me from the outcomes I wanted in my life. From those behaviours, we were able to identify and eliminate the beliefs that were unconsciously leading me into behavior patterns that were holding me back. I was initially very skeptical about how easily we could eliminate deep-seated beliefs and actually see behavior changes in my life without tons of effort to get them. Well, I was proven very wrong! Not only was Max able to effectively lead me through a process to eliminate my limiting beliefs, but my behavior changed with almost no effort. I noticed a couple times that I was inclined towards an old behavior and all I needed to do was notice it and choose a different course. Soon after eliminating the belief that "I don't have what it takes to start a new business" I picked up my phone to scroll through instagram to comfort myself in fear, but I noticed I was doing it, and I put the phone down. It was EASY!  I was truly amazed. What used to feel like a choiceless choice, became a true choice.


I had several significant aha moments working with Max. One that stands out was when I rewrote the belief that failure was bad. I remember reliving the moment with my father when I formed that belief. During the process, I discovered how much my father's behavior was actually based in care and love, simply misguided. I broke down in tears with this realization. I felt so much warmth in my heart for my father. 


The most powerful evidence of how my life has changed is the fact that I started my business, made a clear choice, and ran with it despite my fear of failure. I notice myself experiencing fear with more grace and acceptance. I can feel it without it stopping me. I am truly grateful! 


I would recommend this work to someone that has immediate goals for their life but can't seem to get in a groove towards them. Working with Max will help you see what's stopping you and change the fundamental beliefs that are leading you to get in your own way!

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