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men's groups for
radical transformation

  • Find deep fulfillment in your work
  • Access new levels of intimacy in your relationships
  • Rapidly accelerate the development of self awareness
  • Identify your blind spots
  • Build confidence in bringing your visions to life
Group runs until May 2023, rolling admission.
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Why Group Work?

Many hands make for light work.
The group dynamic offers an exponential increase in:
  • Progress and accountability
  • The speed at which core issues are uncovered and addressed
  • Safety and strength in numbers - being surrounded by a tribe of brothers is a powerful antidote to isolation and loneliness
  • Practice partners - whatever your challenges, someone in the group will be the perfect practice partner
  • No "wasted" weeks. There's something to learn every week in a group, regardless of whether you have a hot issue to address

What men say about my work

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Nathan Sobo headshot.jpg

Max is among the most insightful and courageous humans I’ve had the honor of spending time with. As a tribe brother, his service to me has been invaluable. He’s generous with his empathy when I need support. He’s also incredibly perceptive. Multiple times he’s helped me become conscious of a pattern that I couldn’t see (or didn’t want to see), but instantly recognized upon him pointing it out. Max is a person you want to be around if you’re interested in growing as a person.

Nathan Sobo


Roy Wang (2).PNG

Two of Max's strongest qualities as a facilitator are providing structure and challenging growth edges. You know what you will be getting from Max as well as what he will ask of you. Max does not shy away from calling out your growth edges. He will invite you to reflect honestly on how you are living your life and if you want to grow or stay the same.

Roy Wang

Mental Health Counselor, Sacred Wildman

Tim Tetrault Headshot (2).jpg

What was unique for that time was Max's ability to hone into the missing pieces of needed progress I was avoiding through fear or trepidation.

He was able to help me pull those issues apart and explore how those patterns were once useful, but are now outdated. I unreservedly recommend his facilitation.

Tim Tetrault

Mental Health Counselor, Tetrault Counseling and Consulting

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