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Into the Unknown

Question for you, when is the last time that your muscles grew in preparation for going to the gym?

Blue, yellow, and green exercise weight plates on the ground.
Photo by Victor Freitas

Yeah, that's what I thought.


Then why do you keep waiting to do that hard thing until after your "muscles" have grown? Until after you've read another blog post. After you've "figured it out." After you're SURE it's going to work.

Our muscles don't grow in anticipation of having to lift something heavy, they grow in response to having already lifted something heavy. Same with life, as far as I can tell. We rise in response to challenges, we do not rise in preparation for challenges. You won't be ready until you start. Until you step into the unknown.

Life has a fierce need to change you. It's easy to hide from life these days. Behind a smartphone or a TV screen. Or the more subtle hiding that takes place behind a work laptop, or in your jam packed social calendar.

Theodore Roosevelt said it best - It's not the critic who counts, but the person in the arena.

So make a commitment. And make it publicly. If you fail, it's no matter. Because the hard part is stepping into the unknown.

The greatest failure of all is not to have tried.

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