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It's Easier to Think You're Dumb

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

The Hidden Benefits of a Fixed Mindset

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It's actually a very clever strategy, thinking you're dumb.

My Rolfer made a comment that's stuck with me for quite some time now. Everything we do can be explained in terms of conserving energy. Poor posture and movement patterns in the body are the result of the body finding a local maxima in energy efficiency, and until a more efficient pattern can be installed, you'll keep moving that way.

We're consciously and unconsciously working to conserve energy at all times. This is very smart! Calories were much harder to come by when we were evolving.

Thinking you're "dumb," or to put it more softly, thinking you can't ever be good at something, is another perfect strategy to conserve energy. Because it prevents you from taking action, which is expensive. But what's more expensive than taking action? Not taking action. In the long game, only those who take action in pursuit of development, learning, and advancement will reap the rewards.

So the next time you notice yourself saying "oh, I'm not good at that." Congratulate yourself for being efficient with your energy. And then ask yourself, do I really want to be like this forever?

Back to the Rolfer - I've hired many skilled bodyworkers over the past few years to help me heal and optimize my body. I love bodyworkers, they're angels with human hands. And since I love them so much, I'm working with more and more of them in my coaching practice - helping them book more clients and make more money, without feeling like they're on a hamster wheel.

If you know someone who works on humans, you can invite them to join the newly formed Hundred K Healer community on Discord. It's exclusively for entrepreneurs in the healing arts - massage therapists, rolfers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, therapists. I'll be sharing free resources specifically for the bodyworker who wants to make more money in their practice without burning out.

With love,


Inspiration drawn from the song: "3am Spiritual" by Smith Westerns

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