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Free yourself from self doubt, for good

You have great ambitions each morning to conquer the day, get a week’s worth of work done before lunch, do a workout in the afternoon, and be Superdad for your kids in the evening.

The reality is that you either watch hours slip through your fingers while you’re stuck in your inbox, or when you do manage to work productively throughout the day, you’re absolutely exhausted by the time your kids are home from school.

This approach of pushing yourself progressively harder to get results can’t last forever

If you haven’t burned out yet, in the back of your mind you push away the thought that you might
run out of steam soon, before you reach the level of success you’re after.

You could be getting more work done in less time

leaving you with the capacity to connect meaningfully with your family

But right now your own inner experience – self criticism, anxiety, ambivalence – blocks you from being and doing your best. You can free yourself from these drains on your energy, once and for all, when you complete the Present and Productive program.

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In the program...

You’ll get weekly exercises that walk you through a targeted protocol For eliminating the causes of procrastination, perfectionism, and self doubt, at their roots

Each week is a new protocol focused on a new area, which will build on the work that you’ve completed already. You can expect to experience greater ease, self confidence, focus, and presence after each process. And you can expect that ease to keep growing every week.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Most tools attempt to work around or against the problem. The processes you’ll experience in the program go straight to the roots of the problem and dissolve them from the inside out. You won’t have to try to be productive any more, because the things that were blocking you before simply won’t exist.

Procrastination at its simplest is what happens when your mind expects the drawbacks of doing something to be greater than the benefits. When something gives us back more than we put in, we don’t have to push ourselves to do it, we just do it easily. Do you have to force yourself to eat? No, because it gives you back more than you put in. Same with this program, you do a process, and you experience expanded freedom by the time you’re done. More energy than you started with. That makes it easy to keep going to the next step.

Most approaches, even with the support of a great therapist, fail to properly leverage the mind’s built in capacity for rewiring itself. It’s not for a lack of effort, it’s just that if you don’t do the right steps, in the right order, with the right content, the change will not be complete or lasting. The process isn’t overwhelmingly complicated, but it is specific and structured. Every one of the recordings in the program is structured specifically to trigger the correct content and sequences in the brain to create permanent change.

Yes. While the program is especially powerful for entrepreneurs with kids, if you don’t have kids it will still help you create a significant improvement in your productivity and presence in other areas.

The program is designed to help you get out of your own way. It will help you focus better, execute on important business tactics faster, and make progress with less effort. As such, it almost always supports people with business growth. That said, it’s not designed to help you prove product market fit or clarify a niche, so if you need support validating or generating your business model you’ll want to get mentorship or counsel for that. I offer business coaching as part of my long term 1:1 client engagements. If you’re just starting out, focusing on beliefs work for at least 3 months is the highest leverage work I’ve found for supporting business growth.

Most people notice a tangible shift after the first process. By about the 10th session most people feel major shifts in their lives, without conscious effort outside of watching and participating in the recordings.

The optimal for most people is 45-60 minutes per week. You can do more than that if you want faster results, up to a point. Plan for 3-6 months to finish the program and experience major shifts in your life.

While this process isn’t designed to diagnose or address sleep issues directly, it’s common to find that as your baseline stress levels lower and your focus improves, deeper, more restful sleep becomes more normal. An upward spiral can occur if you make sleep a priority – it will help you get the best results from the processes, and in doing so it will become easier to get good sleep.

Knowing something is very different from thinking something which is very different from believing something. They’re literally stored in and processed by different regions of the brain and nervous system. So you can know that you’re good enough and believe that you’re not at the same time. Some of the most successful people in the world have acknowledged having negative self beliefs. If you’re willing to consider that you do in fact believe negative things about yourself, even if you know they’re not true, then you’re ready to tackle this work.