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The Process


I specialize in the deconstruction of the programming that keeps people stuck in unwanted behavior patterns and frustrating emotions.


The process for doing this is direct, thorough, and profound. The advantage of this is that there’s no need for song and dance, no need to jump through hoops, and no need for complicated systems.


The way I work is simple - we meet regularly to dive deep into the behaviors and emotions that you want to change. Perhaps you’ve been trying unsuccessfully for decades. Perhaps you're newly frustrated by a particular pattern. Either way, we work to identify the true root causes of the pattern, and then work to remove those roots from your brain and nervous system’s programming completely. Once you’ve removed all of the roots, you’ll be free from the pattern. And when you remove an issue at its roots, it doesn’t come back.


If this sounds like what you’re looking for - quick, durable resolution of your unwanted behaviors and emotions - let’s talk.



I can help you make these common behavior and emotional changes:

  • Stop procrastinating

  • End perfectionism

  • Do away with public speaking anxiety

  • Release your fear of failure

  • Release your fear of rejection

  • Neutralize anxieties and worries about money

  • End your fear of making mistakes

  • Stop leaving projects halfway finished

  • Start charging what your worth

  • Stop obsessively checking your phone/email

  • Get rid of imposter syndrome

  • Start holding boundaries with ease

  • Stop getting triggered by other people's behavior

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