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Many people will tell you that growth and development isn’t a linear process. They’re mostly wrong. Hallelujah!

The process of transformational change follows a predictable trajectory. And once you know the steps along that trajectory, you can move through them quickly. Faster than you ever imagined possible.


My name is Max Rosencrantz, and I will be your guide through the five stages of Radical Transformation.

You’ve probably been stuck in the first stage for quite a while now. But once we start working together, it will often seem like the shortest. Don’t let the duration deceive, it’s still wildly important. It’s here that we refine and clarify the inspiring vision for your one beautiful, precious life. This is often completed during our very first conversation.

If your future life and business were a house that we’re building, this would be the phase where we draw up the plans. Where we dream up a new and spectacular and joyful future that’s worth working towards.

The second stage, which is by far the most important in my experience, is where we deconstruct the old. This is when we will eliminate the internal blocks that are preventing you from realizing the results you’re after. I’ve found that 80% of the magic happens here, in the inner realms.

Have you ever said one thing when you meant something different? And then wondered why the heck did I just do that? Do you KNOW that you have amazing things to offer and create and yet something keeps preventing you from putting them out into the world?

Well, the good news is that this elusive “something” can (and will) be identified, neutralized, and transcended in stage two. And your life will never be the same again.

I call stage two the demolition or deconstruction phase. This is when we tear down the old house. Don’t worry though, it’s far gentler and more compassionate than it sounds.

I cannot speak to the importance of this stage enough. If you didn’t need to do this work, reading books and blog posts would suffice. But since you’re here, I’m assuming that you’ve read tons of books and blog posts, watched countless videos, talked with friends and colleagues, and are still stuck behind some invisible wall. I can help you illuminate, and permanently remove, those invisible walls.

Many people make the mistake of trying to build the new house before taking down the old one. And then they wonder why their inner world feels like the kitchen is in the bedroom, none of the doors open the right way, and there’s no closet space for all the little thoughts that won’t stop bugging them!

It’s nice on the other side of the walls. Like a peaceful, secret garden. I can’t wait for you to feel it for yourself.

In stage three, we lay a new foundation. Having cleared all of the things that were previously blocking you, you’ll experience an unprecedented amount of free energy. And we want to direct that energy in the most impactful way possible.

This is when we will install your keystone habits. For some, this will be new territory, and for some this will simply be building on longstanding patterns. But either way, with the renewed clarity and spaciousness you’ve just created, you’ll be able to dial in the most important aspects of your daily self care and business care routines so they become automatic.

Stage four, much like stage three, is about installing the new and refining the good. It’s focused on strategy, systems, and processes. We’ll focus on the two key systems of every business during this phase: your marketing system, and your management system. This is where my systems engineering background comes into play. Tools should disappear into the background, not be a daily source of distraction.

Here’s why we don’t start on this sooner: if we started marketing sooner, you’d attract the wrong people and your blocks would prevent you from booking them as clients anyway.

And if we started implementing your management system earlier, you’d likely get sucked into that tempting trap called creative avoidance, where you spend all your time optimizing your productivity tools, and don’t actually produce anything. I’ve been there and done that. Don’t make the same mistakes I did!

I call this stage framing and structural, because it’s when we build the walls, the roof, the major support pillars of your business.

And in stage five, we’re ready to run a victory lap for all of the progress you’ve made to date by dialing in, touching up, and finishing every little detail. I call this stage “finish work and paint” because after all, a house with walls and a roof and windows is fundamentally sound, but it’s not until we paint and decorate that the project is complete. 

If all of this gets you buzzing, tingling, giddy with excitement. If all that you’ve hoped for is finally starting to feel within reach. If you're ready to take action to make this real, let's take the next step.
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