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Workshops For coworking spaces

  • Offer a professional development perk to your members that differentiates your space
  • Create an opportunity for community building and cross member interaction
  • Help the members be more effective at work, and more connected to the space, to create higher retention
  • Have lots of fun!


WHO? Your coworking members!
WHAT? An hour of high impact exercises to help set better goals, create plans to reach them, and learn communication skills
WHERE? The biggest conference room at your coworking space!
WHEN? Typically Thursdays 12-1pm
WHY? The members of your space likely don't have access to the same professional development resources they would if they worked for a big corporation, but you can still give them high quality tools
HOW MUCH? FREE! Reach out for pricing for longer events, or to claim one of the limited recurring monthly session partnerships
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What People are saying about the workshops

"Max, thanks a ton for the time and effort you put into this workshop. From the feedback we've gotten, people really enjoyed it!"

Startup Founder and Community Organizer

Five Points, Denver

"Hey Max,

It was so great! I had someone come up to me the next day to get your info :)

That would be incredible to make this a recurring monthly workshop with different topics or expertise you advise!"

Coworking Events Manager

Downtown Boulder

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