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Why people don't pay for bodywork
(and what they actually pay for)

Well, what people actually pay for is a desired result, something being different than it is now.


I’m going to repeat that.


What people actually pay for is something being different than it is now.


If you have a flat tire on your car, you don’t pay for compressed air and crescent wrenches and 5 ton lifts and epoxy. You pay to have a not-flat tire, so you can drive to all the places you want to go.


If someone had a wand they could wave and have your tire fixed like that, voila, you’d probably prefer that to going into the mechanic.


Same thing with bodywork. People aren’t paying for the technique they’re paying for the result. They have a goal, and something about the current state of their body is preventing them from reaching that goal, so they’re looking for someone who can help them change the state of their body.


Maybe it’s that they want to stop having headaches so work is less of a grind.


Maybe their low back pain is preventing them from running or biking.


Maybe allergies are making it difficult to focus at work or enjoy their food.


If you speak to your skills, you’ll go over their heads, it’s like speaking in Greek. Your clients don’t speak your language. But if you speak to their challenges they’ll get you immediately and want to buy. Unless you’re in Greece, write your sign in English!


When you go to apply this, you might get tripped up by one of the most common mistakes I see bodyworkers make. Don’t be one of them!


Here’s how.



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